Bathroom Cabinet Refinishing in Phoenix, AZ and surrounding areas


Are your bathroom cabinets tired and worn and need a new finish to brighten up your mornings?  Designer Cabinet Refinishing can update the cabinets in your bathroom. linen closet and hallway built ins.  These rooms in the private quarters of your home can be refinished in any style.  Some families prefer the same Designer finish throughout the home.  Others like to have their bathrooms slightly different, still complimenting and coordinating with the areas where friends and family gather.   Yet others personalized their bathrooms to the each family member’s personal choice that is the primary user of that bathroom. 

At Designer Cabinet Refinishing, we understand the importance of having nice looking bathroom and other built in cabinets in the hallways,  that’s why we offer the same wide selection of finishes for these cabinets..

Bathrooms are the best place to install soft close hinges and hardware that will personalize the room for those that use the room.   You would select the hardware knobs and handles and we install beautifully.  The soft close and hidden hinges in the bathrooms give a  total custom look to all the cabinets in your home.


Designer Finish