Can you imagine what your cabinets could look like when refinished with Designer Cabinet Refinishing. Often our customers tell us that they have disliked their cabinets for years, and are delighted they found us. Or they recently purchased their home in great location with the best floor plan, but the cabinets are simply tired and dated and they call us to refinishing the cabinets throughout their newly purchased home. 

When your kitchen is functional there is no need to replace your cabinets but refinish them with Designer Cabinet Refinishing. Our videos show what the popular finishes of the '80s and '90s and what they could look like after refinishing with Designer Cabinet Refinishing. We refinish all types of cabinets built in the the home in the kitchen, bathroom, laundry room, hall linen, office, entertainment centers, etc. 

White Washed Cabinets Amazing Refinishing Results

A Glimpse of Honey Oak Cabinets Refinishing Ideas


A Glimpse of White Washed Cabinets Refinishing Ideas


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